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Final Fantasy X(PS2)

First of all, I would just like to say that everyone's opinion about this game seems to vary...GREATLY. This game had such great anticipation and high expectations. For some, it seemed to work just fine. For another many, it was awful. This game didn't have enough pros for as many cons as it had.

Graphics: 3/5
The graphics of this game are quite dazzling. The cinemas are thought out fairly well. The scene where Tidus and Yuna are in the water is the cinema that really rises above all the others. Everything in that scene was absolutely spectacular. The Aeons were great looking as well. Graphics in general, could have been better. Not too much better, but better none the less. In all of the cinemas, it was like watching a movie. Whether the acting was high quality or not (which it wasn't) is beside the point. All of the graphics look pretty darn good except for Tidus' face which is unfortunately a little flat. Character gestures were repetitive, redundant, and stupid. Toward the ending, they tried adding special effects to the screen (making it shake-oooo dramatic!) but, of course, they had no drastic effect.

Sound/Music/Voice-Overs: 1/5
The sound effects of this game were quite nice. Some that really stood out due to the clarity and greatness. The explosions and hits and cuts sounded especially great. The music, on the other hand, was not so good. Nothing made my mouth drop or made me turn up the volume just to listen to it. I was turning it down usually because the music got too annoying, repetitive, or just down right stupid. Only in the most intense cinemas did the music even get remotely good. When it comes to voice-overs, I muted it. These were the worst they could possibly get. The only person that sounded even the slightest bit talented was the voice of Wakka. Yuna and Tidus sounded like kids from Pre-School. THEY SUCKED! I never want to hear them speak again! FORBIDDEN FROM SPEAKING THEY ARE! Kimahri, the stupid blue cat with a spear, sounded like a retarded cave man. His brothers sounded like people from an insane asylum. Yuna, could never speak in full sentences. The only time she could was when she was angry. Even then she didn't look or sound angry. (Kind of reminds me of Denise Richards in Starship Troopers, whenever she's in pain she's always smiling). Wakka had a freakin' great voice over. He sounded awesome. Auron sounded like he was about to die from smoking and lung cancer. Lulu, the big-busted black magic user, sounded like a stoned Mariah Carey. A somewhat deep and hissy, irritating voice. Rikku, ugh, she cannot sound threatening to save her life. She's too high strung with a stupid high pitched voice. Seymour, another bad guy, was hard to distinguish between male and female in both voice and appearance. Let's leave it at that before I start to get any more disgusted.

Storyline: 1/5
What? A storyline? WHERE? Basically, the game had a storyline but it was so unfulfilling, uneventful, and weak that it was hardly there. The main bad guy, Sin (you can tell someone really thought hard for that name), is a big dumb fish. Woopdie doo! The idea of having a sea creature as the bad guy was original, but dumb. At the beginning, the flat-faced Tidus says "Listen to my story." Story? What? At the beginning of the game it doesn't sound so bad but, before you know it everyone has a story! They're all the same they just don't know it yet. Toward the end everybody seems to have a story. Why? Because the game creators got bored that's why. They just thought to themselves, "Hey let's give Tidus a story, or better yet, let's just give everyone a story making them think each one is different when in fact they're all the same thing! Wow, we're really smart!" At the end of the game everyone's talking about their story, oh we have to finish my story and his story and her story. Story, story, story, blah blah blah, GET SOME NEW IDEAS!!!

Gameplay: 1/5
The idea of of upgrading weapons with items you find was really good. You got to add all sorts of different abilities to them. But were they any different from previous Final Fantasies? NO! Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Sleep etc. were basically everything you could add. Then there were the few cool abilities that took an obscure amount of a particular item that was ungodly hard to obtain. The idea of being able to break 9999 damage was once again original, but dumb. Why do you need to be able to do that much damage? The bosses are easy as it is. Same with the armors. You're able to break 9999 HP. Bringing about the question once again, can you make it any easier? Well, they sure did. They have summons again, or I should say, Aeons. They're cool, they're strong, they're awesome looking, but what's this? You can only have him fighting and no one else!?!? LAAAAAAAAAAME. Actually, I think this was their only attempt at making the game "hard". Oh yeah, you can teach these guys special abilities too. Don't get too excited, they're pretty much the same as the weapon and armor abilities. Getting to the idea of adventuring freedom, this game has none. It's Uber-Linear. You can never go anywhere optional except at the end of the game when you get the air ship. Once again, don't get excited, you can't fly the thing, you can only click on buttons on the map and you go there.

Characters: 1/5 The only reason this didn't get a 0.5/5 is because Wakka is a cool guy with mad ball throwing skills, a wicked hair-doo, and a cool accent. !!!SPOILER!!! The other reason it's score was higher than a 0.5/5 is because Tidus is actually non-existent! YES! Tidus the flamer doesn't exist! Woohoo! What better way to get rid of an otherwise worthless character! They didn't do a very good job on the character bios either. Most weren't worth listening to. Rikku has some cool looking swirls in her eyes and speaks another language. She unfortunately has a fighting stance that of a narcaleptic, constantly on the verge of falling over. Auron the moron (hey, he was finally put to good use) for some strange reason fights with one arm hanging out of his cloak. Yuna is a suicidal hero that wants to die just so that the world will have peace for 10 years so Sin doesn't come back to torment the land. Every time Tidus tries to stop her she says it's the only way. Later, she changes her mind and no longer thinks she has to die. But, deep down inside she's saying, "But, I want to die I want to!"

Overall: 1/5
Small Boom

Comments from the other Gods:

CHL - Well, as you can see, Vodius is REALLY vehement when it comes to the more recent Final Fantasies... I think it's because he had to sit through the entire thing. I find the graphics to be at the current peak of technology. You can see where they spent a lot of their effort. As for sound, I applaud them for trying new things, but I suggest they stick to the old text boxes for dialogue. Music and SFX is standard Final Fantasy quality, which is great. The storyline is suffering, and you can tell they're running out of room to manuever and still keep the Final Fantasy feel to it. The gameplay is where it suffers the most. They try to make it "new" and "original," but they just ended up making the longtime fans angry, as you probably know. So much for innovation. With the characters... Eh, it's so-so. Like the plot, you can tell they're scrambling for something good. Overall, 3/5. But, if you put it on the official Final-Fantasy-o-meter (like Vodius did), it gets a suck out of freaking awesome.