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This was a post by the demi-god Wock while Vodius was away on other business. Thanks Wock!

Halo (X-Box)

Graphics: 5/5
I play a lot of FPS and this would have to be my favorite. It is the most detailed one I have ever come across. From wind blowing, to the grass you walk in, it is amazing how advanced this game is. Where else can you shoot an alien and still see most of his insides all over the wall.. I have never noticed any flaws in the main characters body. Although guns in the game do not resemble any guns around today, they are made perfectly and fit in with the game. One special feature I like about the game is the streaming. Instead of waiting for the next part of the level to load, you move on to the next part of the level with out any problems.

Sound/Music/Voice-Overs: 5/5
I love the sound effects in the game. From sticky grenades to plasma rifles, it is just amazing. My favorite thing to do is to shoot at the little aliens that run around in circles. They have a variety of  sounds that should amuse everyone. And if you aren't amused, then play a different GAME!! :D Just kidding, if you haven't played this game then you are a deprived person, or you don't have a X-Box. Then again, in a few months you will be able to buy it for PC. Back to the music, they have the music that suites the mood. When you are riding around on the WART-HOG with the wind blowing through your hair, as you decimate all, it plays music as if you were walking through a grass field fighting a war.. hmm .. bad example, I guess you really need to play it to understand. The aliens in this game have their own distinct voices, and even the little glowing orb that ends up screwing... wait, that is giving to much away. I guess I better not say anything more about that..

Storyline: 5/5
Story line? Ohh yeah, the plot that the you follow through the game. It is some times hard to follow yet so easy. It is the basic situation, you are just awaking from being cryogenically frozen and your ship is starting to be attacked. You race to the nearest pod and jet off the the nearest planet, or what you think is a planet, and from their you try to find fellow marines and help them. The plot changes many times through the game, so be aware. You will end up learning you haven't landed on a planet at all, but a controlled climate that you try to learn more about. And then you learn that this ring is made to destroy.... once again, I find my self drifting off and telling you to much about the game.

Gameplay: 5/5
If you do not like a hard game, you can simply put this game on the easiest setting. I my self no longer play a game on the easy setting, because it is to easy. I prefer normal or hard for a challenge. Once you have mastered the game you can try legendary *. I my self have beaten the game in all modes and enjoy the casual 16 man halo lan-party. Your name is Master Chief, and you have a digital woman that tells you what to do.. typical that a woman is telling a man what to do.. Even though you don't hear the Chief talk, you know only a man could do what he does. You are the last of the Spartans (a group of super soldiers). You fight the Covenant, a hostile group of aliens, is cause all sorts of havoc for humankind. But you have a plus to the bad guys, you are allowed to drive their vehicles and shoot their guns, along with human ones. There are about 4 vehicles in the game.  They include a tank, ghost, warthog (modern-day jeep) and a flying ghost. And with only 6 weapons, but having a secondary fire .I like what this FPS does unlike others, you are only allowed to carry a max of 2 weapons at a time and 4 grenades, making it a little more realistic. One downside of this game is that Halo does not support any kind of keyboard/mouse control scheme, and you can only use the Xbox controller to play the game. It takes some getting used to, but the default setup is pretty intuitive. Navigating the environments and performing more advanced maneuvers such as the good old circle-strafe was thankfully not a problem. When controlling one of the many vehicles you can gain control of, the game also follows the standard control scheme. Holding up moves you forward, and in order to turn, you must "look" in that direction. It is definitely a bit disorienting at first and I would have personally preferred a more standard driving/flying scheme for those game segments. But can we do about it? Nothing, until it comes out for PC ( Which I truthfully wish would have never happened, but that's another story). This is my favorite game for now, or at least halo 2 comes out some time this year :::wets himself::: I recommend buying an x-box just to play this game, or wait a few months to get the version that come out for computer. Either way, you cant go wrong.

*Legendary - A mode not for the weak at heart, but for the extreme gamer.
Overall: 5/5
Small Boom Medium Boom Big Boom Bigger Boom !!!BIGGEST BOOM!!!

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