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Breath of Fire 3(PSX)

Graphics: 4/5
This game had spectacular graphics. The characters looked really nice, really smooth, and their gestures were very nicely done. Best of all, NO BOXY LOOKING THINGS! Well, the trees were OK looking until you moved the camera. When you did, they were super boxy and the branches were completely flat. It was disgusting how bad the trees look when the camera was shifted. If you don't mess with camera angles then you'll never see the hidden, horrible aspects of the trees :). In battle, the characters and monsters actually move, this is an improvement from the other 2 Breath of Fire games. They don't just wiggle or slide back and forth. They're actually in constant motion. Attacking, however, was kind of disappointing. They never actually made contact with the monsters. They just stood in place and swung their weapon and magically hit them. Spells were awesome looking, except for one of the fire spells, the flame jets were obviously flat. The lightning spells, dragons, and dragon attacks were absolutely dazzling. The dragon forms were really cool looking. They also introduced several new dragons. All of them looked nice.

Sound/Music: 3/5
Music, sound effects, character sounds were very suitable. They all seemed right in place. Whenever characters died, their screams sounded very realistic. Monster attacks and character attacks were nothing great, except for the dragons. Every sound the dragons made was where most of their effort in this category seemed to go. Sound effects were way overused. Hitting, slashing, shooting, you name it, they in the game so frequently it was kind of annoying. Music was pretty cool. Nothing made me turn it up or want to listen to it some more. As with sound effects, the music was very, VERY repetitive. Sometimes you can spend an hour in a place and it just drives you insane. The same music was used way to much throughout the game.

Storyline: 4/5
This is getting kind of old. You're the last dragon on the face of the planet and you don't know what to do. They did, however, add some new things to the story line. Now, you're not just a dragon, they finally named the race. You're part of a species called the Brood (if this was in the other two games I apologize, I don't remember BoF 1&2 very well). And you're NOT the last member of the Brood as you find out later. !!!SPOILER!!!...The other member of the brood is actually Teepo. You start off as a child in the Duana Mines in dragon form inside of a crystal. It gets blown up, you break free, start burning the miners, get stopped by some huge guy that looks VERY much like Ox from the first BoF, then get hit in the head with a crane and get knocked out. You wake up in a cage on a mine cart being transported to somewhere else and you roll around, fall off the mine cart, land by a tree, get attacked by two wolves, get saved by Rei. Rei brings you back to his hideout where you meet Teepo. You find out they're both poor, hungry thieves. After that you get into all sorts of mischief. Later in the game you meet a creature named Garr. You don't know it, but he actually used to hunt the Brood. You travel with him to a place called Angel Tower to meet God so you can get guidance on what your task is. You read an inscription that says Garr 499 (something like that) and...well, you'll just have to figure out what it means :). After that area, you become an adult and you have to get all of your friends back. Throughout the game, there's a lot of humor. Especially when you have to go find a woman named Deis. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole scene. All in all, with all of the new plot twists and humor, this storyline is much improved from previous games.

Gameplay: 5/5
If I could rate this game higher than a 5, I would. The gameplay is spectacular, awesome, any positive adjective you can think of. You have skills in this game. You can learn them from monsters. The other way to learn them is through things called Masters. There are a lot of masters. They each teach you different skills (except for the very few spells that two masters both have) that are very useful. Some are stupid, but the majority aren't. You have items called Skill Inks that you can use to write down skills into the journal inside of the tent. You can also transfer skills from this to a character or you can just take the skill directly from another character. You can only have one of each skill though. No big loss because if you could have multiples of the same skill, this would make the game way to easy. Going back to the masters, they each have stat bonuses. What I mean by this is that they give you either + a certain amount of strength (or any other stat) and/or take away from another stat. The masters are one of the most cool and helpful aspects of the game. When you go to the light house, you get an item called the Faerie Tiara. It allows you to go to the Faerie Village. You can't do much in there while you're still a boy. But, when you become an adult, the Fairies need your help. You start out with 4 Fairies and you need to tell them what to do. As you progress, you get more Fairies (if you're not letting them die). You can develop cultures, jobs, or tell them to hunt. There are about 10 different jobs you can develop. This is where it gets fun. You can tell fairies to explore 3 different areas: close, far, or distant (something like that). The farther you go and the better your Hunting/Exploring skill on the Fairy, the more rare things you can find (by rare I mean some of the best items in the game!). Unfortunately, you have a high chance of dying the farther you go. You can also get an antique shop where you can sell items that "Appear Valuable" and get a super awesome price for them. Speaking of prices...money is very hard to come by in this game if you don't spend time trying to get antiques and sell them at this shop. You can make shops, inns, and, the most powerful of all, a copy shop. You can copy ANY item in your inventory as long as it's not a special item. There is, however, a chance of failure. They either fail to copy it and hand the item back or worse, they fail to copy it and they destory the item! Very risky...so I recommend saving just before you give an item to be copied. Now for the best part of the game...THE DRAGONS!!! The dragon system for BoF 3 is very different from the other two. Instead of going to a dragon shrine and getting 3 or 4 dragon forms, throughout the game you find dragon genes. Each gene costs a certain amount of AP and you can combine up to 3 genes to form different dragons. There are something like 18 dragon genes (equalling a whole heck of a lot of combinations). There are some secret dragon forms that are gold and are VERY powerful. Plus they look cool :P. There is also a hybrid dragon gene that makes a different dragon depending on the other two characters you have with you. If you add a certain gene to the hybrid gene you get a gold hybrid form, also very powerful (usually not as powerful as the other gold forms though). That pretty much covers it for gameplay. Basically, this game takes customization to the max. It is so much fun.

Overall: 4/5
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