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Graphics: 5/5
Everything looked very neat and well thought out. The ship and it's weapons looked quite awesome. When they shot, it looks even better. The small enemy ships were decent looking. What was really cool about this was that they had different basic enemies for every level. The bosses looked absolutely fabulous. They were so cool looking it kinda made me wanna be the enemy (especially when they start shooting all those cool lasers!). Ranging from huge mechs to aquatic ships to satellite-looking things, the bosses had great detail. The backgrounds of each level were very smooth and fit well with the current level. Everything in this game just fit together so perfectly.

Sound/Music: 5/5
Sound effects for everything were awesome. The gunshots sounded life-like and suited the gun perfectly. Not like your average shooter that does a poor job of matching up proper sounds. Explosions and things relating to that matter were very cool and sounded realistic. The music changed for each level, a BIG plus. Even when you get into a secret area the music changes. Boss music also had large variety, not the same old thing for every stinking boss.

Storyline: -/-
What kind of a shooter needs a storyline? If you want a storyline, play an RPG. But if you must know, You're a rebel ship fighting against what seems to be the police for a good cause.

Gameplay: 5/5
WOW! This game is so freakin' great! There's a huge variety of different guns you can get, four of which are secrets. They're very hard to find and are very, VERY useful. You have your miniguns, your cannons, your missile launchers, and you even get a lightning gun! You have a choice of five ships, two of which are secrets. The ships have special things going for each one. They can hold different amounts of gunpods (the weapons you pick up throughout the game) and have different kinds of machine guns (basic weapon). One ship can carry 3 gunpods (not simultaneously) and has one machine gun. Another has 2 gunpods, one on top and bottom, and doesn't have a machine gun unless you have no gunpod on top. The other ship has 1 gunpod and a double machine gun (great starting ship, especially for looking for secrets). One of the secret ships turns you into the cop car that you see at the very beginning of the game and the other gives you 9,999 ammo for both gun pods! You can also speed up and slow down your ship (this comes in handy a good bit). The game is very hard. The bosses are very hard, the levels are very hard, the mini bosses are very hard, but it's all within tollerable levels and is still fun. At the end of the game or you die, you get ranked on specific parts of your performance and I still haven't gotten a good score :/. That's no big deal though considering all the fun you just had :P.

Overall: 5/5
Small Boom Medium Boom Big Boom Bigger Boom !!!BIGGEST BOOM!!!

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