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Front Mission 3(PSX)

Graphics: 3.5/5
The Wanzers (mechs) in this game looked pretty cool. Although they-along with everything else in the game-were a little boxy. Not to the point that it would drive you insane but just slightly. Other than the slight box look, they look quite nice. The structure for everything was neat. All of the equipment for the Wanzers was nicely done. The enemies vehicles didn't look half bad either. There was really only one thing that bugged me. Why did the soldiers that weren't in vehicles blow up when they died? Shouldn't they fall over and die or start bleeding rather than explode? What irritated me even more was watching the missile whenever you shot it. Why do we have to do that? Can't you just shoot the missile and be done with it? Another thing that bugged me was that in the middle of the game there is a seen with some enemy Wanzers sliding along a road. They tried to make it look like some fancy tactical maneuvers but it actually turned out to look more like an ice skating contest. For the characters, you never really saw them. The only time you see them is when they're speaking and you see their face in the portrait. Those sketches were well drawn. What I thought was cool was the fact that they expressed emotion and moved their lips and blinked while talking. (You do get to see a whole person in the beginning sometime but it looks absolutely horrible.)

Sound/Music: 4/5
Music in this game was pretty cool. They also played music suited for the current situation. For example, on one of the missions when you're trying to get somewhere undetected, they play some music that actually makes you feel like you're being stealthy. Now, this music was good and all but, they used the same music frequently throughout the game. They do have a wide variety of songs, but they still used them a lot. The sound effects are a whole different story. Every weapon sounded like it should have. That was great. You have your shotguns, machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers, missile launchers, spikes, batons, fists, flamethrowers, the works. They all sounded so good! (The fists and batons sound a lot alike). You never hear your characters talk. No big deal.

Storyline: 5/5
This game had QUITE an original storyline; mainly because it takes place in the not-so-distant future. You can actually choose between two storylines to follow. One is the storyline of the main character's sister. The other is the storyline of a female scientist that needs your help finding something. The second has more missions than the 1st. They both, however, basically follow the same plot, but in different directions, have different characters, and have different events that occur. You're trying to recover some super weapon called MIDAS that's really destructive. It also happens to have been stolen. You later find out that it has blown up. Even later, you find out that there's another one. You go chasing after it. You'll have to find out what happens next. Somewhere along the line you get involved with some genetically altered humans that are super combatants (or should I say pilots?). One of them goes insane and you have to stop him. Throughout the whole game there are ZOUNDS of plot twists. Very well thought out and awesome I might add. The whole story is awesome.

Gameplay: 5/5
Now, the fun part. This game had great gameplay. The battles are somewhat like chess. You have squares that you can move in, certain distances you can move and shoot, you have line of sight, obstacles, height differences, all sorts of stuff. You move, you choose a target, you shoot. Your Wanzers have 5 parts: the body, left arm, right arm, legs, and the pilot. If the pilot dies, the Wanzer is no longer operational(obviously). You can eject from you current Wanzer and get into one that has either surrendered, had the pilot killed, or was empty in the first place. You can salvage parts of Wanzers you fight as long as you don't kill them. Basically, in order to do this you damage them enough to the point that they start surrendering (best way is to blow off both of their arms, safe and successful) and shoot them again and they surrender and voila! You just inherited a Wanzer! You can't salvage weapons though. You can find a hidden super Wanzer that comes with a one-of-a-kind laser. There are several modifiers for accuracy in this game. Each weapon has a set range. The grenade launcher has a blast radius (a huge one at that). There are burst weapons as well. They hit different body parts of the Wanzer. The shotgun has an evenly distributed burst while the machine gun hits completely random parts. You can customize your Wanzer with great variety. You have certain types of each body part. You have accurate but low HP arms. High HP but low accuracy arms. Legs with big move range and legs with small. You have bodies with high power output but low HP and bodies with low power output but high HP. You can get upgrades for the body, arms, and legs. You can reduce certain types of damage with the body upgrade. You can get boost upgrades for the legs which make you move MUCH farther on almost flat surfaces. You can get accuracy upgrades for you arms. And last but not least you can get HP upgrades for all of your body parts. You can even tinker with the color and name of you Wanzer :P. Pretty much everything an RPG needs.

Overall: 4/5
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