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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars(SNES)

Graphics: 5/5
Graphics in Super Mario RPG were MAGNIFICENT!!! Compared to other SNES games, this game's graphics were outstanding. They perfected 3D effects for everything in the game. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was 3D. They even added what seems like a claymation effect to things to make them look REALLY good. Characters, spells, attacks, monsters, bosses, scenery, you name it, they were awesome. I never got bored of looking at this game.

Sound/Music: 3/5
Sounds were very original. Sure they used several of the same sounds for multiple things, but the sound suited each one they used it on. Spells and attacks sounded pretty cool. Music was nothing special. It didn't sound really cool or anything, it just went well with the setting. There's not really all that much to comment on here. Everything in this category was pretty much mediocre.

Storyline: 5/5
Very, VERY unexpected, original, cool, and perfect. Now, there aren't plot twists but even without them, they did a fantastic job keeping you involved in the storyline. On Mario's way to Bowser's castle, Mario sees a big sword stuck in the castle. The sword, Smithy, starts an earthquake and Mario has to run away because the bridge collapses. Then you start on your way trying to find out what happened and during the story, you learn about the Star Road and how something bad has happened to it and Geno, a spirit from the Star Road, was sent to earth to try and find the star pieces to repair it. If it's not repaired, then no more wishes will ever get granted. The storyline involves a lot of humorous events. Mario never talks so he acts like a mime to get his point across.

Gameplay: 4/5
I only have one complaint, this game is a little too short. Other than that, everything is fine. This game may seem very simple to some people. At times it is. However, what makes this game somewhat hard is managing your characters as they level up. You can choose between an HP boost, Power boost, or a Magic boost. If you try and average out your character by always getting one of each, he will become fairly useless because he can't dish out damage. Focusing on one of these aspects really makes your character powerful. If you focus on it for too long, you'll get a super powerful character that almost never lives to deal damage, making your characters somewhat hard to manage. You can get 5 characters Mario (of course), Mallow (a cloud guy that thinks he's a frog), Geno (a freakin' awesome doll with mad power), Bowser (he got kicked out of his castle by Smithy-the big bad guy), and Princess (didn't see that comin' did you?). You can only get up to level 30 in this game, but don't expect to get their too quickly. Usually it will take you until near the end of the game to get to level 30. While leveling up, each character learns a new spell. Each character gets a different amount of spells. The unfortunate thing about spell points is that they're shared as a whole, each character doesn't have their own and they're called Flower Points. Each character can equip a weapon, armor, and one accessory. There are a lot of accessories throughout the game. The funniest weapon in the game is the Hurly Gloves for Bowser. You'll see why when you get them ;). Item space is limited. This becomes very obvious near the end of the game when you start finding all sorts of cool items and you run out of space very quickly. Bosses are quite hard. Surprisingly, one of the earliest boss fights with a Hammer Bro. is one of the hardest. If you screw up one or two times you very well may lose. Bosses always have something unique about them. Each one does something odd that you would never see coming. One of the hardest bosses (if you don't know what to do) is the cake you fight later in the game (yes, I said a cake). There are tons of secrets throughout the game. It took me a very long time to find most of them (I still haven't found them all). Have fun searching!

Overall: 4/5
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Comments from the other Gods:

I demand a recount! Ok, so maybe not a perfect five... Hrmm, now that I think about it, you pretty much got it right. But I must reiterate, this game is AWESOME! It is kind of short time-wise, but still a must-play title. If you haven't played it, you've been left out. Super Mario RPG is probably one of the best ideas that Nintendo/Square has ever concocted. Too bad Square fled to Sony. Tsk tsk tsk. We all make mistakes, I suppose. Oh yeah, great game. Bowser joins your party too! That's cool stuff...
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