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Super Smash Brothers Melee(GC)

Graphics: 5/5
What is there to say about graphics? They're awesome. Plain and simple. It pretty much never gets glitchy. When it does it's mostly because there's about a trillion things going on at once. That's to be expected from games these days. Characters are very cool looking. I'm still amazed with how good each one looks. Nothing on them looks like it lacks detail. Background and other scenery were very nicely done. What is very unique about this game is the fact that you can usually find small things happening in the background or there are special features of the level (i.e. the cars that can run you over on the Onett Level). One of the coolest looking things is when a character goes off the screen and dies, the explosion it makes looks really cool. Another thing that I thought was really cool is at the end of a VS. match the guys that lost are clapping in their portraits. Explosions are a little weak, but that doesn't really matter considering it looks better than the explosions in the first Smash Brothers game.

Sound/Music: 4/5
Sound effects were awesome. They almost never use the same one twice for different things. Characters' voices are all unique. Characters screaming when they die or get hit really hard were pretty cool (I love hearing Captain Falcon die!). Sounds made by weapons, attacks, hits, etc. were very good. Once again they hardly sounded alike. Music was different for each and every level. It wasn't awesome or anything but at least they had different music for everything. They even used music from the games the characters were taken from and played it on their level (most characters have a level that's meant for them).

Storyline: -/-
Games like this aren't meant to have a storyline. They have an adventure mode but that's not a story. This game is just meant for beating the crap out of each other (in the game) and nothing more.

Gameplay: 4/5
VERY impressive. A weird version of a multiplayer fighting game. Although it hardly resembles your average fighting game. Instead of killing them, you rack up damage on them and try to knock them off the side of the level, knock them downward, or knock them off the screen into the air and they either fade into the background or smack into the screen and then fall. There are 25 characters in all, 11 of which are secret characters. There are tons of secrets. There are 11 secret levels. There are also 4 miscellaneous secrets. There are things called event matches where you play a special kind of match with weird conditions to meet in order to win. In order to unlock all of them you have to unlock most of the other secrets in the game. There are 51 total (the last 11 are freakin' hard). You'll spend a large amount of time on the event matches and getting all of the secrets. You'll spend an even larger amount of time trying to get each and every trophy (there's over 200). Each character has a unique fighting style. It is very hard to learn some of them and get with the character whereas it's easy to get good with other characters. It's very fun to master a character's fighting style but also very hard to do. They've almost doubled the amount of items you can use in this game compared to the first one. Some can be hazardous because they'll be inside of a capsule, party ball, box, or barrel and sometimes you hit them and they'll blow up and kill you (very annoying). Plus they sometimes appear right in front of you while you're in the middle of executing an attack and they'll kill you (even more annoying). Higher level computers aren't really fun to fight. They do the same move way too much. They're boring, cheesy, unfair, and it really drives you insane. If they have a repeating move, such as Fox's kick, they'll do it forever.

Overall: 4/5
Small Boom Medium Boom Big Boom Bigger Boom

Comments from the other Gods:

Vodius is clearly freaking insane. To deprive this game of a 5/5 rating is the most colossaly stupid thing a person could do. Ever. This is THE quintessential GC game. No one owns a Gamecube without owning this game. This alone should be qualifying to get a 5/5 rating. But no, the AI irritates him. I won't say the AI is stellar, but it gets the job done, and CHALLENGES you. That's right, CHALLENGES. So shove it, Vodius.