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Tales of Destiny 2(PSX)

Graphics: 3.5/5
The graphics for this game are a little ahead of it's time, in a good way. They were very smooth. Not overly original because you can tell there's a somewhat large similarity between every character's physical appearance. No height difference between any of the humans. Other than that, the graphics were quite nice looking. The spells, equipment, and character sketches were very good. The summons were a little bit paper-looking. I don't think they could have made the graphics any better with how innovative this gamestyle was. So, I give them a great deal of credit for how much graphics they DID put into it.

Sound/Music/Voice-Overs: 2.5/5
The sound effects for this game were very repetitive. The attacks, spells, and hits and such were all pretty much the same. The music was very nicely done. There were some songs that I actually turned up the volume to listen to they were that good. But, there are a few (very few) irritating songs that I just had to mute because I spent so long in the same area (leveling up). They had a mediocre variety of songs throughout the game. They used some of the songs a little too much and some songs not enough. The voice-overs were quite bad. Reid and Max probably had the best voices. They sounded like their characters. No one else could express emotion. I recommend turning off their ability to speak (you can actually do that in the options).

Storyline: 5/5
They really, REALLY did a good job on the storyline. It starts off as a girl from Celestia taking a spaceship to Inferia. These two planets are very close to each other-one on top of the other-and are divided by a barrier so they don't collide. She crash lands and blows up her ship. Reid and Farah find her in a forest but can't understand her language. The three of them embark on a journey to find Keele who they hope can understand her. The storyline was very original and well thought out. Many plot twists occured throughout the game. Most of which were very cool. The ending of the game was kind of weak, but that is a small thing when compared to it's storyline.

Gameplay: 5/5
The battles are what really makes this game shine. It's not your usual turn sequence fighting. Instead, the battle is REAL TIME! You have X-button normal attacks that can be linked together to form 2-3 hit combos and circle button combinations connected with special attacks or spells. Some attacks where you stand still, you can perform D-pad combinations to strengthen it. If you get a combo (which occurs 99% of the time), you get an experience bonus. It's slight, but helpful nonetheless. The one character, Farah, can link together her special skills to make for some really nasty damage! Reid and Farah build their skills by performing their current skills a certain number of times and by raising their two weapon levels. Reid has Slash and Thrust. Farah has Punch and Kick. Instead of having summons, they're called Craymels. They represent elements of each world. You have things called Craymel Cages where you can fringe them together to get spells from combining different combinations of Craymels in different cages. You can't have every spell at once because that would be a little bit to easy. What was really creative for them was them making it to where you had to decide the most effective spells rather than decide all the strong ones or all the weak ones. The only drawback is that it's sometimes hard to distinguish where your character is and what you're getting hit by. Other than that, they did a fantastic job on every function of the game.

Overall: 4/5
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