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X2: Wolverine's Revenge(GC)

Graphics: 4/5
Now, we've all seen how Wolverine looks in the movies. We've all seen how he used to look in cartoons and previous games. So, I ask you, where did they come up with the look for Wolverine in this game? He looks nothing like any of the other Wolverine's. I mean, on the cover of the game, there's a picture of the movie's Wolverine. Does the game one look like him? Not at all. Now that I've successfully attacked that portion, let's move on to the rest of things. The characters of the game were a little overused. The same soldier graphic will be seen for a very long time. Wolverine, besides his face, looks very good. He doesn't have over-exaggerated muscles like most super heroes do. The only thing that I have to complain about is his hands. They look a little weird. Now, a really cool looking part is Wolverine's claw attacks. It looks so cool when you pull these off. There are so many different things that Wolverine will end up doing. When you sneak up on a guy, you can stab him in the leg, pull him down to the ground, jump on top, and stab him a few times in his chest. If you're in the middle of a group of guys, you can do many things. For example, when there are three guys around you (1 in front, 2 on each side) you can stab the ones on the side of you in the neck and run up the face of the one in front of you. Then you throw one of the ones that you have your claw through his neck into the other. So yes, claw maneuvers look FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! On to scenery. Backgrounds and such were very thorough. Probably more thorough than the characters. They never use the same background too much. The only thing they repeat is the setting of the background, such as the season or mountainous look. Everything in the scenery area looks very cool.

Sound/Music: 3/5
Hmm, sound effects. Well, get used to the sounds made by punching, kicking, clawing, and screaming. You punch, kick, and claw very often so that gets old quickly. You kill guys and get hurt a ton so get used to screaming. You open doors, blow stuff up, fall down pits, get shot. Nothing sounds original. Well, maybe the explosions sound alright. I mean, they're kinda cool. Now, one noise that really sounded cool was when you activate Wolverine's mutant sense. It sounds almost exactly like the noise the Predator makes when the movie switches to his view through the infrared and stuff. That's a big plus. On to music. There's nothing much to say about this category either. Very boring. Nothing makes you want to turn the volume up or make you want to die (in game) just so you can hear the music again. When a game can do that, that's real talent. But, basically, this game seems like it was thrown together rather quickly just so it could come out during the movie hype. Poor planning in this area.

Storyline: 3/5
I don't think I got far enough into the game to perfectly judge how it worked out. But, I'll give it my best shot. It starts out with you at Alkali Lake. They're running some tests on you and you go berserk and start killing like mad. You escape and the scene switches over to where Wolverine is now. Wolverine has something inside of him that's going to kill him in two days (or something like that). So, Xavier gives him some general ideas of where to go. Wolverine goes and of course gets into a bunch of trouble and starts beating the crap out of everyone he sees. You meat up with some old friends along the way (Sabretooth and Wendigo). Storyline wasn't too thorough. You get a task and go do it basically. If the rest of the game was like this, I would say that'd get old pretty quick.

Gameplay: 3/5
Ok, now, you would think that with an action game you would need a really mind boggling fighting style. This game does that for sure. There's a ton of claw maneuvers you can do that are freakin' awesome...when the guys are actually in the exact position needed in order to do it. Because, if they're even a little out of the way, you can't perform that maneuver. What's worse, is when you get into a fight with a guy, you usually beat him up until the word "STRIKE" appears in the corner of the screen and then hit the buttons needed to perform a special attack. What really gets old is the fact that if you don't do it the split second the "STRIKE" is in the corner, you won't do it. You just end up standing there tapping the X or Y button trying to get a special move to activate. In the meantime, the opponent is pummeling you. Wolverine's reaction time seems to be pretty poor because if you get hit by a guy there's almost no chance you'll recover in time to interrupt his next attack. So, needless to say, the guy gets in about 4 punches and/or kicks before you get to retaliate. Getting into fights with multiple guys is annoying unless you successfully pull off a claw maneuver killing about 3 or 4 of them at a time. If you don't, then while you're in the middle of hitting someone else, they continue to beat the hell out of you from behind. And with Wolverine's amazingly bad reaction time in this game, you get punched by all of them before you get to kill one. Bosses are a pain in the ass too. Wendigo was so freakin' annoying to fight. There were so many things you had to figure out in order to beat him. Dying becomes common in this game. Performing Wolverine's claw maneuvers is so much fun. You get to see Wolverine do all these acrobatics on his enemies with his claws out while slicing and dicing his foes to pieces. This game does share most of the qualities of Wolverine. His sarcasm and humor, his super powers (you can regenerate!), and his wicked fighting prowess. But, as with all other cool aspects of this game, regeneration has to have something bad about it. That stupid thing is the fact that you can't regenerate while you have your claws out. Now, granted if you could regenerate while you had your claws out, the game would be a little easier but, God forbid the game have anything moderately sensible in it. All in all, this is a game with a somewhat unique fighting style that is EXTREMELY difficult.

Overall: 3/5
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