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Hello gods and mortals!

My name is Shalmdi the god of Web Comics and lord of all that is funny on the internet. In this place, my little corner of the net, I will introduce all interested to some of the funniest and most exciting comics on the web today. With everything from comic books and graphic novels to newspaper quality comic strips, the internet has every form of comic one might want. If you will give me a chance, I will review for you some of the web's best forms of entertainment. I promise not to review any comic that I have not read from begining to end, and I will try to be as objective as possible. Enjoy web heads!
~ Shalmdi

Web Comic Review for 11/28/2003
Welcome back my loyal readers and hello to all you newcomers. The web comic to read this week is UNA Frontiers by Monique MacNaughton. UNA Frontiers can be described best be described by its own tag line: "Taking the assumptions and clichés of post-apocalyptic sci-fi and kicking them in the... you know... (nary a Thunderdome in sight!)" That's too bad; I loved Thunderdome.

UNA Frontiers is the story of the world after you mortals blow it to pieces. Come on, you know you are going to do it. Set far into the future, even the remnants of technology in this world seem more advanced than the things we have in the world today. One of the greatest marvels of their future technology is a Cybernetic Dolphin created by the people of New Atlantis. New Atlantis was, of course, unaffected by the "Great Burn" that set the world back a few centuries. This part-human, part-dolphin, part-machine....thingy is called Cyberna. UNAF tells the story of Cyberna and those she calls friends. After New Atlantis fell to pirates, Cyberna was forced from her home and into the harsh post-burn world outside of New Atlantis. Now of course, the outsiders were accepting of this funky fish and wanted to be friends...Naahh. They wanted to cut her up into cyber-tuna and find out what made her tick. How did she escape? What friends did she make along the way? What of her friends back in New Atlantis? Sorry guys, you have already gotten all your getting from me. Go read the comic for the rest of the spoilers.

UNA Frontiers falls into the category of a web comic-book. One page of the story is put out each day in a comic book format. The black-and-white art scheme, however, is more similar to what you would find in a pre-1960's graphic novel and with no similarities to the Japanese manga styles that dominate most web comic books. The artwork of UNAF is rather crude, but the originality of the style and the sheer number of pages (a near flawless once-a-day schedule) more than make up for a slight lacking in form. The only thing art can't make up for, is content. Luckily for us, this comic does not need anything to make up for its content. UNAF is full of exciting storylines, combat scenes, and interesting plot twists that I personally can't wait to see to the end.

My only warning to my readers is this: If you are looking for a bit more comedy in your comics, go find something else to read. However, if you enjoy a good drama and don't mind some rather unique, old style art, read UNAF. I can't wait to see what will happen next. Keep those comics coming Monique!
Site updates are Daily.
UNA Frontier is rated PG for Mild Violence.

Out of 5 Energy Stars, Shalmdi gives UNA Frontiers by Monique MacNaughton
Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 4.5 Stars!

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