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Welcome Gods and Mortals!

Welcome mortal websurfers to the home of the almighty Gods of Review, or as we like to call ourselves, the Review Gods. As you may have gathered from our name, the purpose of our descent into the mortal realm of media is to bring you divine insight and perspective on many subjects of great interest to us, and hopefully to you as well. Our main areas of perusal will include items of lesser entertainment, namely mortal games, music, web comics, other web sites, and from time to time, a bit of miscellany. We *three* gods will use all of our skill and might to fairly and completely analyze the different subject areas without prejudice. Though, each god is unique, and opinions do vary, so be forewarned. Each god can be identified by his respective avatar, which will represent his physical form. Visit the About the Gods section to learn more about each individual being. On a side note, as many may have guessed, each god has a chosen field of interest, and hopefully, expertise. The aforementioned field may favor one god over another, but in truth, each god may move freely into another's sphere of influence. Therefore, a god may post a review in any section he wishes. Whew...

Reviews will be posted several times a week (rated on a scale from 1 to 5), according to each god's schedule. We encourage all readers to express their opinions about the reviews and items being reviewed in our Forums. Or if you would like to suggest a review or even a new category for review, contact us here.

It is our ultimate wish that our influence upon the mortal realm of media will be a positive one. Well, then, happy reading!
-/The Review Gods\-

NOTE - As a disclaimer of moderate interest to those moving about our various spheres, we, the Review Gods would like to point out that we claim full and undisputed use of literary license in the crafting of every review.


News - 01/13/06
Hey mortals. So basically, we were only fooling ourselves pretending that we could get this site back up and running. To be honest, it never ran all that well when we actually had it "up and running." The only good news I can bring you from all of this is that I haven't lost my zeal for the webcomic. I am currently running Shalmdi's Webcomic Guide over on Blogger. Come check me out, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't load the first time. I am currently working out the coding bugs. It has been a long time since I coded anything. Also, My E-mail box is always available. See ya.

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