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Ah, the good stuff!

Welcome, lesser beings, to the jewel of the Review Gods. Namely, the miscellaneous review section. Here you will find an odd assortment of reviews that just do not belong anywhere else. Obviously, this in going to be the most interesting and diverse section of our home. Visit often to find what random oddities we decide to give perspective on.
-/The Review Gods\-

Oh, and since the video media section was done away with, all of those poor movie reviews have found their way down the lonely street of miscellany. My bad.
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Misc. Review for 07/24/03 - Winamp

Hello fellow gods and mortals! Yes readers, it is I, Shalmdi, doing my first non-comic review. After I saw that The Stadholder had so graciously reviewed The Apprentice (06/15/03) which I planned on using for my first Miscellaneous review, I decided to review one of HIS favorite programs instead. So, for today, I will be reviewing Nullsoft's incredible media program known as Winamp.
Winamp is a freeware, general media player. This means that this program can play everything from WAV's to AVI's and it won't cost you a dime! Ok, you say thatís great, but my computer has programs on it already that can play any type of media (Windows Media, RealPlayer, etc). Thatís probably true, but can these other programs boast no ads, easy downloads, radio support, customizable features, a large list of skins that can be downloaded on-line, and a simple interface that looks good and tastes great! Not that I have figured out how to taste Winamp yet, but I can sleep easier knowing that if I could taste it, it would be delicious. Trust me.
Winamp is probably the best media player that is out there, it is certainly the best one I or The Stadholder has found. Do you want to know the best part about this? I have an 8-bit Theatre skin for my Winamp!!! If you are a fan of my reviews, you know that 8-bit Theatre is my favorite web comic, and any program with a skin dedicated to my one true obsession is #1 in my book! If by some chance you are not enthralled (Big Word!) by 8-bit, then you can still find a long list of skins for your enjoyment.
Well if you read my Web Comic reviews, then you know I try to point out the good and bad in everything I review. First off, Winamp tends to conflict with several low-grade programs. While I personally have had no problems with Winamp, I have heard several reports of Winamp conflicting with the JNes and the Apprentice (two other programs reviewed in this section). While this is a problem that is easily rectified (turn off one of the programs), it is inconvenient to have two of your favorite programs conflicting. The only other problem I can find with Winamp is one superficial problem. If you download Winamp 3 (The most recent version) then your selection of skins will be severely limited (No 8-bit, Shalmdi is sad), but if you download Winamp 2, your selection of skins will be unlimited. Of course, with a downgraded version like Winamp 2 many of the more advanced features will not be available. It comes down to performance or appearance. Personally, I refuse to use Winamp 3 until I can get a good skin, and by good I mean 8-bit/FF related.
Cosmetics and compatibility aside, Winamp is a must download for everyone. If you are a fan of MP3's or digital, movie maker, you need this program. Oh, and by the way, if you download this program you can get my favorite skin at the 8-bit Theatre website. Check the Media section. See ya!
Out of 5 stars, Shalmdi gives Winamp by Nullsoft:
1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars!
Four and a Half Stars! A GOD'S CHOICE program!

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