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Web Site Reviews: Feeding Your Anti-Social Habit.

I love the Internet. I really do. Why do you think I have a website? Unfortunately, the 90-10 law is most applicable to this realm of media more than any other, because even a complete IDIOT can make a website. Therefore, when it comes to the Internet, the entire industrialized population of the human race is represented. Which happens to be its saving grace. With its sheer number of websites, the Internet is pratically endless in terms of entertainment! So on to the reviews!

09/08/03 - Selleazy.com

URL: Selleazy.com

Hello gods and mortals! I, Shalmdi, have a new Web Site Review for all of you web heads out there. We know that Web Heads are our bread and butter here, so we like to find things that you guys can use or will enjoy. Today, I am going to be doing a review for all of you mortals that use the internet like I tend to. Of course I mean as a giant outlet mall! Yes my readers, all that shopping without all the walking. Ahh, what more could a compulsive shopper want? The Web Site of the day is the online store siteSelleazy.com. Is Selleazy.com the next E-bay, or will it follow the path of Pets.com? Personally, I think it is brave just to run a store site that's name is so close to the word "sleazy."

Selleazy.com is a very unique store environment. I have not seen any web sites like Selleazy before, but I think the idea has a lot of potential. Basically, Selleazy.com is like a web site host, but instead of hosting sites, it hosts stores. For a small one time fee ($20.00 as of this review), Selleazy will allow any person with a valid e-mail and valid Pay-Pal account to set up their own on-line store, or if you don't want to pay the fee, you can still make an inventory of your items and buy stuff from other Selleazy stores. To sell your stuff, you inventory your items and upload them to your store (a one minute per-item process at most), and afterwards, you can modify them easier than you can change your password on most sites. Items can be set up into any amount of categories that can be browsed or searched with little or no effort. Modifying the store itself requires no actual knowledge of HTML coding, but if you do know HTML, you can use it to make a store that reflects your particular interests and items. Personally, I find the store creation interface to be very user friendly. While there are preset templates that dictate some of the stores appearance, your store can be modified to be as simple or complex as you choose to make it. Everything financial is handled with Pay-Pal which I (and many people would agree with me) believe to be the best on-line form of payment. Your store will also have a "hit" monitor to show how many people have viewed your store, Bought and Sold lists to show you who has bought things from you store and what you have bought from other stores, and an e-mail feature to allow for quick and easy communication between buyers and sellers. Altogether, Selleazy.com is a great utility at a great price for anyone looking to sell their merchandise (or junk) on-line.

Well, this is a great store (defiantly the best I have seen), it is not perfect. Images, for example, cannot be uploaded directly to the site. You can link to images anywhere on the net, but this is an awkward way to handle merchandise pictures. It is not unreasonable to conserve space like this, and I had no trouble finding images for the sample items I put up in my store. Also, allowing image uploads would probably force a price increase as space can be very costly for a site host, nothing takes up more space than images on a website. Personally, I think that most people would not mind paying a little bit extra for features like this. Perhaps in the future, Selleazy can add advanced features that cost slightly more for things like picture uploads or more customizable store templates. This isn't necessary, but it would be nice.

Other than these small inconveniences, I cannot find anything wrong with this site or its very original approach to on-line commerce, but its young age makes it a little less than great. Selleazy is only about a month old, and as a result, it only has three stores (one of which is the store I made for this review) currently available. This greatly limits the variety of items that can currently be found, but I expect this to change with time. I encourage all you web heads with junk to sell to get your stuff inventoried and buy a store on Selleazy.com. With your help, this site could be one of the next great stores on the net, so get out there and sell!
Out of 5 stars, Shalmdi give Selleazy.com:
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Four and a half Stars. A God's Choice web site.

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